Other Services

International Recruitment

There is a pool of talent in India and worldwide. The expected hiring estimation across the globe is growing at an alarming rate, and more and more clients are turning to a reputed recruitment company for suitable candidates. We take the ownership of every situation and assure excellent recruitment solutions.

Recruiter On Demand

Recruiter on Demand provides end to end recruitment services on or off site. We works in collaboration with you by working with your managers or Human Resource team to get the best results. Our team supports you to enhance the recruiting process by providing services like need identification, finalizing job specifications, screening, facilitating interviews, mapping the most suitable candidate, validation, follow up, doing reference check and many more.

Campus Hiring

We have a seasoned insight that campus recruitment provides an opportunity to choose and select the best talent in a short period of time. Therefore we aims at providing you with 'Total Campus Recruitment Solutions' right from targeting the right institutes to organizing for volume recruitment drives including conducting screening tests, interviews, offer roll out, etc.

Volume Hiring

Various companies need to hire huge number of candidates in short span of time. Our work for Mass Recruitment with ensuring volume, quality and retention management.

Third party

we also provide support in terms of giving resource which is on our payroll to clients.

Niche & Vanilla Hiring

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